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IP-Logic Decoder

Series: IP-LOGIC


  • Up-Down Scaling
  • Embedded ARC
  • Balanced / Unbalanced / Mic IN
  • Audio Matrix
  • AES-67 and ST-2110
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Introducing IP-Logic, Zigen's Revolutionary Audio & Video Distribution System!

IP-Logic is Zigen’s premier AV over IP product to extend, distribute, and convert 4K video in a scalable platform for deploying almost unlimited number of HDMI sources and displays.  Utilizing 10GBaseT networks, IP-Logic will stream any HDMI source to any display with no compression (or visually lossless 1:4 compression of 4K60 4:4:4/4:2:2 HDR) and virtually zero latency.  The Encoder and Decoder units come equipped with autonomous EDID management and independent scalers to allow seamless video distribution in mixed display environments.

Employing the latest SDVoE and AES67 standards, IP-Logic is the ultimate solution for commercial, residential, broadcast, military, and government applications.

IP-Logic Decoder, AVoIP Distribution on 10-Gig Managed Copper and Fiber Switch

Zigen's purpose-built AVoIP platform is designed for demanding AV professionals across all markets. This highly scalable and powerful platform provides one of the most advanced IP streaming infrastructures in the industry.  Designed and built around the SDVoE video decoding engine, the IP-Logic platform allows users to embed, de-embed and route any audio to any and all zones and displays.  The IP-Logic Decoders come equipped with balanced / unbalanced / microphone audio levels, TOSLINK and ARC selectable audio inputs to allow controlled audio matrixed breakaway to other IP-Logic Encoders.  Seamless switching and scaling of sources, multi-view and video wall capabilities on every display further enhances the presentation to create an immersive experience. 

The IP-Logic military grade Encoders / Decoders can send audio, video, KVM, data, control and 1G Ethernet securely to one or many units using off-the-shelf 10G managed Ethernet switches.

Why Zigen?

Zigen's patent pending platform is the only one of its kind to allow audio (AES67) and video (SDVoE) to be distributed on the same managed switch. Traditionally it is required to segregate AES67 and SDVoE on separate network switches.  Zigen has eliminated the need for additional switches, audio bridges and other proprietary products to increase the customer value proposition. Zigen’s AVoIP platform stands above the competition.

With IP-Logic The Possibilities Are Endless!

  • Up-Down Scaling
  • Embedded ARC
  • Balanced / Unbalanced / Mic IN
  • Audio Matrix
  • AES-67 and ST-2110
  • Toslink IN
  • POE
  • Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Tiling
  • Multi-View
  • Video Wall
  • OSD
  • Thumbnail Preview
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