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80six Relies on Lightware to Deliver Complex Virtual and Live Productions

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80six Relies on Lightware to Deliver Complex Virtual and Live Productions
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Integrating video solutions for live and virtual production, 80six from Slough, Berkshire utilises Lightware’s signal switching and distribution technology, to deliver pioneering visual experiences across the globe.

What started as a duo with a modest set of gear back in 2015, has evolved into an award-winning video technology leader, whose services are appraised by the most regarded brands and trailblazers in entertainment such as Netflix, Sky, BBC, Formula 1, and Adobe. 80six has delivered some of the most culturally celebrated events of CogX Festival, Goodwood Festival of Speed, BBC Radio 2 in the Park, Manchester Pride, and World Supercross Championship.

Providing services for live entertainment, corporate events and a myriad of multi-disciplinary productions held at their virtual production studio, 80six utilises solutions from the AV industry leaders, such as ROE, disguise, Barco, and others. For seamless and instantaneous versatile AV signal switching, distribution, and computer networking needs, 80six deploys Lightware’s renowned solutions.

Particularly, Lightware’s AV-over-IP 1Gb VINX series of transmitters is the time-tested technology that 80six deploys to perform KVM functions as well as to enable remote operation and configuration of their disguise media servers at virtual production shoots.

Lightware’s unrivaled AV-over-IP UBEX extension series of devices transmit uncompressed pixel-accurate 4k@60Hz video feeds in 2x10Gb networks to support 80six’s complex projects. With DVI-HDCP-TPS-TX/RX95 pair, 80six solves the task of delivering video feeds to comfort monitors.

The video specialist team at 80six engage MX2 and MX Series of Lightware’s standalone matrices in two crosspoint sizes, 8x8 and 16x16, for switching and routing needs to distribute multiple sources to multiple displays, like comfort monitors and LED screen processing. With multifunctional distribution amplifier DA2DVI-HDCP-PRO with built-in EDID Management and Pixel Accurate Recklocking features, 80six enables a seamless single source feed to multiple displays.

Lightware's unmatched reliability is the main reason its devices are used in 80six's complex live shows and virtual production shoots. “Basically, they are bomb-proof and help us when dealing with real-time video playback,” – said Jack James, the co-founder of 80six sharing his convincing assessment of Lightware’s UBEX AV-over-IP 10x2 Gb transmission technology.

Some other characteristics that 80six’s team find valuable in Lightware’s technology are its ease of use, build quality, excellent product support, and wide use within the industry, enabling cross-hiring.  “From an efficiency standpoint, being able to trust our equipment is a key factor for us and Lightware’s range has consistently proven its reliability”, adds Chris Isaacson, Technical Manager at 80six.

Lightware’s solutions ensure scalability, flexibility, and fast transfer speed of data that allows the team of 80six to meet the diverse needs of their clients across different live and virtual production projects.

For the stunning On the Waterfront Festival (Pier Head, Liverpool), June 29th- July 2nd, 2023, which attracted 45,000 people, 80six deployed Lightware’s MX16x16-DVI-Plus matrices for signal distribution to LED process and monitoring. Within the project, there was also deployed Lightware’s AV-over-IP extension solution of UBEX-Pro20-HDMI-R100 for front house signal runs to the main stage, VJ’s, and sending feeds from media servers. With monitoring and commands available via the network, 80six enjoyed perfect control of each device at the time of the event.

For the bus scenes shot at their studio on an LED Volume for Netflix’s series Heartstopper S2, 80six utilised Lightware’s MX2 matrices to route and switch 4k@60Hz video via HDMI with zero latency. For that production, UBEX devices transmitted uncompressed 4k@60Hz 4:4:4 video via HDMI over fibre featuring failover redundancy enabled by its dual network link design.

Once a venture of two AV enthusiasts, now 80six is a team of some of the best project managers, creatives, and video technologists in the industry. The company is driven by a vision to inspire a new wave of creativity across the globe by integrating existing and emerging technologies. Lightware’s passion for innovation and manufacturing top-notch solutions for the pro-AV community, as well as our focus on sustainable partnerships, are set to support 80six on their glorious path to visual excellence.