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Reimagine Your Bonus Room

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Reimagine Your Bonus Room
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Rich, Heather, and their four kids have been living for the last 15 years in a big house in Texas. Over time, and as the children grew into teenagers, the members of the family started to go their separate ways and the beloved common area where they used to spend time together became a bonus room where all could enjoy some alone time.

As a result, the old common area became cluttered with a mishmash of objects and devices, catering to the various activities of each family member. Rich installed a medium-sized television and a snack table to quietly watch sports. Benjamin, the youngest son, connected the TV to his Xbox to play video games, which unfortunately couldn't accommodate multiplayer sessions due to the small screen size. Hudson, the eldest son, set up a desk where he could practice playing the guitar on the family's iPad.

Rich and Heather decided they wanted to reimagine their bonus room and bring it back to being the beloved common area where everyone would gather and spend quality time.


The family desires to bring back the common space that can fit everyone together and still accommodate individual members’ needs without being too cluttered.

The current audiovisual devices, such as the TV and iPad, are unable to facilitate shared experiences due to their limited screen size. Gaming and watching TV is limited to just one person.

Simply replacing the TV with a larger model won't address the problem. The fixed screen will occupy space and create clutter when not in use, limiting the room's versatility.


The first step in transforming the unorganized bonus room back into a cozy family area was to rearrange the layout and make the most of the available space. This enabled all family members to comfortably gather, share their hobbies and participate in their favorite activities.

The second step was to replace the TV with a ViewSonic X1-4K projector. The larger screen size of up to 150 inches welcomed everyone with immersive visuals and stunning colors. Unlike with the TV, the projector's use of reflective light also helped reduce eyestrain, protecting everyone's eye health while enjoying viewing time together.

The combination of the projector’s 4K UHD resolution and theater-level audio from Harman Kardon added to the evolving experience of the room. The projector was mounted to the ceiling without taking up any floor space. When not in use, the blank wall enlarged the space and matched the elegant interior design.


The ViewSonic X1-4K projector quickly became the centerpiece of family activities, allowing all members to feel included when watching shows, sports, or playing video games. The once cluttered bonus room got transformed into a modern and versatile space that can be converted into a home cinema, a gamer's den, or even a live band studio with just a click.

Rich and Heather can strengthen the family bond and understand their growing kids better, thanks to a shared space that welcomes both individuality and collectivity. The mom and daughters can enjoy a cozy girls’ night with their favorite shows, while the boys engage in hours-long battles. On weekends, the family can even play as one big band with the projected concert-like atmosphere.

The screenless images are directly projected onto the wall, and the projector is mounted on the ceiling, providing more flexibility to play musical instruments or dance in the room.