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Born from innovation in 1945, Rich Products is a family-owned food company dedicated to bringing creative solutions to industry professionals around the globe. From food service and retail, to in-store bakeries and prepared foods, their goal is to be a trusted partner that helps companies delight their customers and stay competitive, no matter where the market moves.


Operating in more than 100 countries, Rich Products is committed to providing its employees with the tools, technologies, and services that help simplify internal business processes. Thomas Geblein, Solution Architect - Digital Enablement at Rich’s, and his team, set out to standardize on a scalable technology platform that would support and enhance collaboration and productivity across all their global locations.


Thomas and his team worked with Veraview LLC to outfit their facility with leading edge Crestron UC, room scheduling, and room control technology solutions that would foster a more productive and collaborative working environment.


As a company standardized on Microsoft Teams® software, Crestron Flex UC solutions provided Rich’s with a full suite of products designed to facilitate collaboration in every meeting room, along with a consistent, simple user experience. With Crestron Flex, associates can join meetings with one-touch and be confident that the technology in the room will deliver a high-quality audio and video experience. They know that everyone in the room will be clearly seen and heard.

Rich’s also uses Crestron technology to host culinary events from their production studio. Their Innovation Space, which includes a production studio, townhall conference spaces, an atrium, and specialized kitchen, is equipped with numerous Crestron Flex C-Series UC Video Conference Systems for hosting virtual demonstrations to better serve their customers. To optimize use of their meeting rooms, Thomas and his team implemented the Crestron room scheduling platform. “Whether it’s a standing weekly catchup meeting or an impromptu brainstorming session, Crestron room scheduling makes it easy for our associates to book the meeting room that will best suit their needs,” explains Geblein. Using any of the illuminated scheduling touch screens, associates can easily locate and reserve the most suitable space in advance or find an unoccupied room for ad hoc meetings.

For some areas in the office, occupancy sensors communicate with the Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling system to indicate availability. This technology allows associates to use the company website to locate an available desk while adhering to social distancing. “Crestron occupancy sensors have made it possible for our associates to safely navigate our office, find an open desk, and continue their workday with ease,” explains Geblein.


Crestron has become a partner that Rich’s counts on to deliver a globally standardized experience for improved daily workflow. “With Crestron, we were not just purchasing enterprise-grade products, but also investing in their world-class training, dedicated service, and support,” says Geblein.